Exceptional in our abilities,
Sophisticated in our service


<h1>Mauritius Offshore Service Provider</h1> <p>We are a Mauritius based licensed management company with sound expertise in the formation and administration of offshore companies, foundations and trusts.</p> <p>Our Mauritius office offers the following offshore services: _special_homepage, Mauritius Offshore, Offshore Business, Offshore Consultants, Offshore jurisdiction, Offshore Tax, Offshore companies, Offshore advisers, Offshore Management Company, Offshore Consultants Mauritius, Integrated Financial Services</p> <img src="https://www.imara.mu/data/uploads/tile.gif" alt="Mauritius Offshore Service Provider" title="Mauritius Offshore Service Provider">

Imara Trust Company (Mauritius) Limited is a licensed Management Company investing in people and knowledge in purpose-driven fiduciary, corporate and business services, helping our clients grow, be profitable and have a real social impact.

This is how we enable private equity firms, financial powerhouses, institutional investors and High Net Worth individuals propel themselves into prosperity and security. This a synergy and not a trade-off.

Since the start of our operations 12 years ago, we have successfully  been bringing distinctive operational experience and support in the formation and administration of Special Purpose Vehicles, Foundations, Investment Funds and Trusts; full back office accounting and administration services and supporting tax and business advice.

Exceptional in our abilities, Sophisticated in our service