Exceptional in our abilities,
Sophisticated in our service


<h1>Mauritius Offshore Service Provider</h1> <p>We are a Mauritius based licensed management company with sound expertise in the formation and administration of offshore companies, foundations and trusts.</p> <p>Our Mauritius office offers the following offshore services: _special_homepage, Mauritius Offshore, Offshore Business, Offshore Consultants, Offshore jurisdiction, Offshore Tax, Offshore companies, Offshore advisers, Offshore Management Company, Offshore Consultants Mauritius, Integrated Financial Services</p> <img src="https://www.imara.mu/data/uploads/tile.gif" alt="Mauritius Offshore Service Provider" title="Mauritius Offshore Service Provider">

Imara Trust Company (Mauritius) Limited is a licensed Management Company investing in people and knowledge in purpose-driven fiduciary, corporate and business services, helping our clients grow, be profitable and have a real social impact.

This is how we enable private equity firms, financial powerhouses, institutional investors and High Net Worth individuals propel themselves into prosperity and security. This a synergy and not a trade-off.

With over 16 years experience in the sector, we have built expertise and excellence in structuring, set-up and administration of Investment Funds, Fiduciary Structures and Special Purpose Vehicles.

Exceptional in our abilities, Sophisticated in our service